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On-Demand Course

Marketing Metrics 2024 - On-Demand

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At the end of participating in this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain and show how to calculate and solve typical marketing problems using various mathematical formulas
  • Utilize real life examples to solve everyday marketing situations with corresponding work sheets and solutions

  • Understand key metrics and financial drivers that are relevant to marketers


  • Available email and video support from a marketing expert
  • Latest technologies

  • Recorded videos with synchronized PowerPoint presentations

  • Discussion boards for collaboration

  • Technical Support


  • Anywhere and anytime access
  • Flexible to suit your schedule

  • No travel time

  • Interactive learning experience

  • Online Certificate in Marketing Metrics awarded upon successful completion of all course requirements

CMA’s Marketing Metrics Online Certificate course consists of instructor recorded videos, synchronized PowerPoint presentations, integrated discussion boards and practice questions. This course also includes three live interactive webinars, during which students have the opportunity to engage with fellow students and to ask direct questions to the instructor.

The following is a general outline of the course content (subject to change).

Session 1: Introduction and Market Analysis

  • Percentages
  • Averages

  • Defining the Market

Session 2: Business Profit & Loss Components

  • Defining the Profit and Loss Statement:
  • Revenue

  • Cost of Goods

  • Gross Profit

  • Net Profit

  • P&L Example

  • Key P&L metrics used in marketing evaluations:

  • Gross Margin per unit

  • Gross Margin and Gross Margin %

  • Contribution Margin and Contribution Margin %

  • Net Margin

Session 3: Key Marketing Performance Metrics (Part 1)

  • Overview of Key Performance Indicators
  • Acquisition

  • Retention

  • Upsell

Mid-term Exam

Session 4: Return on Investment

  • Expectations for Marketers
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Understanding the definition and purpose of ROI

  • Formula and calculations

  • Determining Incremental Value

  • Using Thresholds for ROI

  • Calculating Net Gains to meet ROI Threshold

Session 5: Key Marketing Performance Metrics (Part 2)

  • Break-even Formula and Usage
  • Payback Formula and Usage

  • Life Time Value

  • Net Present Value

Session 6: Channel Performance Metrics and Results Analysis

  • Tracking Marketing Initiatives by Channel
  • Mass Channels Metrics

  • Direct Channel Metrics

  • Social Media Metrics

  • Results Post Analysis

Final Examination

Course Requirements:

CMA’s certificate program courses are designed to build on the skills and knowledge of marketing practitioners. Individuals must have at least one year of experience in a marketing-related role to take this course. The instructor will assume that students have a foundational understanding of the principles of marketing and a basic understanding of math principles and excel to enrol in this course. Coursework includes optional practice questions, a mid-term and a final examination.


On average, each module will require approximately 2 hours to complete. There are 6 modules in the course. You will have 90 minutes to complete the mid-term and 120 minutes to complete the final exam. 

Internet Requirements:

You will require a minimum upload bandwidth of 5mbps to stream our course videos, which are 1080p. Please ensure you have access to high-speed internet for the duration of the course.

Jeffrey O'Leary, CM

Originally from New Brunswick, Jeffrey O'Leary has worked for over 13 years at Maple Leaf Foods in various Corporate Finance, Sales and Marketing positions throughout the organization. Jeff holds undergraduate degrees in Accounting & Economics, an MBA and is a CMA and CPA in Ontario. Jeff has been teaching in post-secondary education for over twelve years and is currently a lecturer at the University of Guelph and McMaster Centre for Continuing Education, a Moderator & Facilitator in the Ontario CPA program and a facilitator in the CM program.

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Jeffrey O'Leary, CM

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