5/30/2024 4:30:00 PM
12:30PM - 4:30PM ET In-Person Event

Grow with Braze Toronto


Kelsey Nelson

VP, Product Marketing



Millie Gatawa

Senior Manager, Digital Expansion

Simplii Financial


Natasha Saviuk

Director of Lifecycle Marketing and Growth Product



Join us for insights from our fourth annual Customer Engagement Review, where we dive into the minds of nearly two thousand global marketing leaders and analyze data from billions of Braze users to decode upcoming trends. Today's brands face not only competitors but also the escalating expectations of connected consumers who demand increasing value. Mastering customer engagement is key— in this session we will talk about how to engage your consumers beyond message delivery, integrating diverse skill sets, agile methodologies, and bold experimentation to offer deeper relevance and greater value to consumers.

Personalized experiences are crucial for marketers, with most consumers expecting tailored brand interactions. However, without a proper data strategy, meeting these expectations is challenging. To leverage user insights for a cohesive, personalized experience, companies need a marketing tech stack built for data agility and team collaboration. This session explores practical tips about how Braze and Snowflake can help brands translate real-time insights into customer-centric experiences that drive business value.

The journey of every campaign starts with an idea and it should end with a significant impact. It's about crafting meaningful, relevant experiences for customers while driving revenue for the business. Join us as we delve into practical steps that you can take to strike this balance.

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