Categories and Disciplines

Below is a list of Categories and Disciplines for the CMA Awards. A Category refers to the campaign business sector and a Discipline is reflective of the campaign type.

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Product and services include:

  • manufacturers
  • dealers
  • aftermarket
  • and others


B2B product and services include:

  • information technologies (hardware, software, networking system infrastructure)
  • transportation
  • delivery
  • professional services (ex. real estate, legal, etc.)
  • business self–promotion, and others

Consumer Products

Products intended for:

  • personal care
  • for use in the home
  • these can include consumer goods, books, electronics, beauty products, consumer devices and others

*Excluding F&B and health care products.

Consumer Services

Services intended for:

  • personal care
  • for use in the home
  • these can include travel, gaming, entertainment, telecommunications, Internet, ISP, landline, cellular, wireless, broadcast (radio, TV), satellite and others


Product and services include programs developed around:

  • lead generation
  • traffic building
  • customer service
  • order generation
  • database building
  • retention or acquisition
  • these can include banking and credit, insurance, and wealth management

Food and Beverage

Products intended for:

  • consumer consumption

*Excluding products for health care, personal care or for the home.


  • products (OTC included) and/or services intended for maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health
  • campaigns supporting pharmaceutical, health & wellness clinics/centres and hospitals


Initiated by:

  • retailers (stores and online)
  • dealers
  • distributors
  • manufacturers and;
  • food services to build traffic and sales
  • these include catalogue and e–commerce – websites and other interactive methods that include product information and ordering devices

Social Causes

This includes:

  • NGO
  • PSAs
  • charities
  • fund-raising
  • causes
  • associations, government, public sector and others

Brand Building

Long-term marketing initiatives that drive brand health including awareness, perception, consumer behaviours and attitudes. Campaigns should be in-market for a minimum of four months.

Success is defined by:

  • Achieving excellence in creativity and strategy, with the ability to show positive long-term business results based on stated objectives and KPIs
  • Great campaigns should also showcase a range of media and technology: digital, social, broadcast, out-of-home, print, as well as direct

Business Impact

Short term campaigns play a vital role in the success of building business through activating a rapid consumer response. As compared with “Brand Building”, these efforts are designed to generate immediate outcomes, within one day to four months in market.

These campaigns should demonstrate:

  • Seasonal or tactical advertising
  • The ability to drive positive outcomes as stated by the Client’s objectives including increase in sales, web or store traffic, event participation or rapid change in consumer behaviour, increase in acquisition, retention and leads
  • Measure e-commerce success against KPIs
  • An insightful, creative or innovative means of reaching the consumer in any form(s) of media including broadcast, social, digital, print, OOH, or direct

Customer Experience

CX and shopper marketing drives sales and builds brand equity with customers using a number of channels and tactics throughout the relationship. These initiatives can include:

  • Sweepstakes or contests
  • Online couponing
  • Digital engagement
  • Event activations
  • Gifts with purchase (GWP)
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Retail and in–store activity
  • E-commerce and online activity
  • Packaging
  • Sampling
  • Partnerships
  • and others

Shopper marketing encompasses successful marketing campaigns with customers sometime throughout the shopper journey that take place in a retail environment, be it brick and mortar and/or ecommerce.


Engagement is about the dialogue between brands and people – B2B, B2C, partners or employees. To manage long term relationships (quarterly or annually) or lifetime value driven (as opposed to one off tactics), the dialogue can use personalization techniques or target a community.

  • Public Relations/Social Media are used to spark continued exposure (earned media, impressions and interactions) with:
    • current news items
    • public interest topics
    • product promotions; or
    • organizational updates
  • Programs with a CRM or 1:1 focus on specific moments in the customer lifecycle such as:
    • acquisition
    • welcome/activation
    • cross-sell/upsell
    • retention or win-back rate; or
    • entire customer lifecycle management journeys

Innovative Media

Winning campaigns that successfully use marketing to reimagine how customers interact with brands. These campaigns live:

  • Beyond "the moment"
  • Drive strong business results

They use creative solutions and innovative media technologies to effectively influence or engage their target audiences.

Successful submissions will represent innovation within media channels that drives measurable business results.


Marketing Technology (MarTech) is a powerful methodology of how organizations can configure their marketing ecosystems of technology, processes, and people to create greater value for both the customer and marketing operations.

Successful campaigns or programs that excel in this discipline should demonstrate:

  • Quantifiable results against their brand/ business goals as it relates to the use of MarTech.
  • Results should be a mix of strategic and tactical, also should include customer acquisition or retention, brand impact and overall customer experience.
  • The use of new innovative technology (e.g., Customer Data Platforms, Segmentation, Visualization Tools, AI) or use of existing technology platforms, to meet brand/campaign goals.
  • Showcases the use of data and analytics to improve the overall marketing strategy.
  • Use of marketing automation across multiple technology partners/tools to deliver highly successful campaign and how it worked in synergy with other marketing channels.

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