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Agency Search Toolkit

Marketing effectiveness is often closely tied to the quality of partnerships between marketers and the agencies they rely on for strategic and creative services. The foundation of these partnerships is often a search - which has significant impact on client and agency resources and business outcomes.

To help navigate the Request for Proposal process, the CMA has created an Agency Search Toolkit for agencies and clients. The toolkit includes several public and member-exclusive resources, which will be accessible individually or downloaded as a package once released.

For more information and background on the CMA's Agency Search Initiative read this blog written by the the Past Chair of the CMA's Brand Strategy Council.

Agency Search Toolkit

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Principles of Agency Search Explained

Delve deeper into the seven agency search principles that members and their third-party procurement partners should follow to support professionalism and fairness in the industry, for the benefit of clients, agencies and the Canadian industry.

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media agency selection process

Application of principles to searches to the media agency selection process

Guidance addresses considerations, challenges and best practices for selecting a media agency in Canada.

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Application of principles to searches in the Not-for-Profit sector

While there are similarities between RFPs in the private, NFP and public sectors, some differences can be significant and therefore deserve special attention.

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Application of principles to searches for PR/Communications agencies

The most successful searches and agency partnerships begin with a focused understanding of your brand's needs and how a PR/Communications agency can support those needs.

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Preparing an effective procurement brief

Understanding what information should be included in a Request for Proposal/procurement brief so that the bidding agencies understand the scope of the assignment, certain legal requirements and the agency selection process, including submission content, presentation instructions and evaluation criteria.

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Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics & Standards

Read the CMA's Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics & Standards. The Code is the foundation of the marketing community's self-regulation governing members' conduct and is compulsory for members.

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