Marketing to Children & Teenagers

Special attention needs to be given to the sensitive issues surrounding marketing to children and teens.

Section K of the Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics and Standards provides marketers with guidance on appropriate business practices when marketing to young people. This section covers several key issues including the definition of age, consent, privacy protection and current practices when marketing and communicating with children and teenagers.

The best interests of the child or teenager should be a primary consideration when marketers design and develop communications directed to or likely to be accessed by this group.

Children’s Advertising Clearance

While there are no federal laws that specifically regulate marketing to children, broadcast advertising that is child-directed is subject to the Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children administered by Ad Standards’ Children’s Clearance Committee.

Overview of Quebec’s Advertising to Children Law

Since 1980 the province of Quebec has had legislation prohibiting commercial advertising to children under the age of 13. It is the sole jurisdiction in Canada to have this type of law.

The ban affects web, radio, television, mobile, signage, promotional items, and printed materials such as newspapers, magazines and flyers.

Check out Quebec’s Consumer Protection office advertising directed at children information for more.

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