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Feb 22, 2022

Become a CMA marketing mentor or mentee

We all like to take stock of our accomplishments. To reflect on – and feel proud of – where we made a real difference. 

In my reflections, I’ve wondered whether my greatest impact has often been in the smaller things. A simple kind or encouraging word. Career advice (when asked). Supporting an idea offered in a meeting that enriched the discussion. Or simply listening. 

The CMA Marketing Mentor program is the embodiment of all of this. Created for junior and mid-level marketer mentees from BIPOC and newcomer communities, it seeks to not only elevate diverse voices, but also to ensure that marketers are receiving the support and guidance they need to progress in their careers.

We are impressed by the number and calibre of senior marketers who have already stepped up to be mentors. The breadth and depth of these individuals is impressive – from a wide range of industries, from directors to presidents, and even some international interest.

Now, we are ready to open the door to some mentees. If you are a newcomer to Canada or from a BIPOC community, please consider participating. The program will provide insights into how to succeed in the workplace, and help you work through challenges you are facing. You will pick up pointers that could advance your career. And you will be able to share perspectives and lived experiences that your mentors can learn from.

CMA Marketing Mentors will benefit mentors and mentees. It will strengthen the marketing community by elevating diverse voices at more senior levels of the profession from across Canada.

If you are interested in getting involved, reach out to

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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