Mar 07, 2022

Finding strength, praying for peace

We’ve all been beside ourselves with the invasion of Ukraine. Through social media, we all get a front row seat. It’s utterly devastating. True and unmistakable evil has re-appeared in Europe. People have lost their lives, have been separated from their loved ones and have been displaced. Against this backdrop we have witnessed remarkable and unwavering courage and determination. Countries around the world have been united in their resolve to support Ukraine. We are all praying for a resolution but the situation remains grim.

As leaders, we need to show patience and understanding and empathy, particularly with employees with more direct connections with family and friends. If your colleagues/employees would like some mental health supports in addition to their family doctor, you could refer them to these resources, or have them reach out to nabs/bec, or to an organization in your community, such as CAMH. 

If you, or others in your circle, want to make a donation to help the Ukrainian people, you might suggest:

  • Canadian Red Cross: offers international emergency-relief; individual donations will be matched by the Canadian government
  • Canada-Ukraine Foundation: co-ordinates Canadian charitable aid to Ukraine
  • Save the Children: delivers emergency aid to Ukrainian families
  • Voices of Children: offers psychological support to children affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine
  • Come Back Alive Foundation: supports veterans and co-organizes the Invictus Games in Ukraine
  • Phoenix Wings: supplies the Ukrainian army with medical treatment and defensive equipment
  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine: funds medical rehabilitation for Ukrainian soldiers
  • Razom for Ukraine: fundraising for medical supplies in Ukraine
  • Kyiv Independent: a Ukraine-based, English-language independent news outlet
  • World Vision: helping children and families affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Prayers for Ukraine, prayers for peace.

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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