Parting Words, Part 2

Apr 25, 2022

Establishing meaningful credentials 

In my first of three farewell notes last week, I crowed about the CMA’s growing influence.  This week, I am reflecting on the standards of excellence that underpin marketing.  

It’s been said that you can’t have a profession without standards. I wholeheartedly agree. Standards must be defined – and we do this through our Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics and Standards. 

But in order to be meaningful, standards must be taught. They need to be infused into our paradigms. Their adoption needs to be rewarded and reinforced through credentials and ongoing professional development.  

I am immensely proud – not of myself, but of our community – for what has been accomplished in such a short time. I’m proud of those who came together to create and advise on the Chartered Marketer designation. Of Doug Brooks, our former CEO and Chris Stamper, our Chair when the credential was established. Of Gabriele Janes and Stephen Ghigliotty, who tirelessly drove program development forward. Of former board members, like Bryan Pearson, Fab Dolan and Heather Tulk, who, each in their own way, were instrumental to its success. Of our absolutely fabulous developers, instructors, and corporate sponsors. And most importantly, of the 200+ early adopters – the first folks who took the leap and qualified for the CM designation.  

The Chartered Marketer designation will elevate the power of marketing to impact business and society, and will strengthen the profession’s reputation. I’m confident that the CMA’s dynamic team of Sartaj Sarkaria, Hadas Hait and Hilary Fraser will accelerate the program’s growth.

Next week’s note will be my final one, and I am saving the best for last… 

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John Wiltshire

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