The community emboldens itself

May 02, 2022
My final CEO note is on the third and most important facet of our purpose to embolden the Canadian marketer. It’s so important that it’s part of our name. Association. 

The CMA is unique internationally in that it allows equal participation of brands, agencies, and service providers. From time to time, an issue arises where there is no broad consensus but for the most part, we thrive on like-mindedness and genuine and energetic goodwill. May it ever be so. 

The CMA community is incredibly blessed by volunteerism… with more than 700 volunteers during a global pandemic. The generosity of our volunteers has constantly amazed me. Whenever we need someone to step up, someone does… whether from the largest brands or from single-person consultancies.   

Behind the scenes, the membership engagement team, led by Lucy Collin, with Brad Thompson, Emma Heagle, Rebecca Orr, Kyla Fleischauer and Jessy Kailay, are dedicated and always go the extra mile. If you want to up your game in the marketing community, start with them. 

The CMA’s purpose is to embolden the Canadian marketer. In reality, the community emboldens itself.

Feel free to connect with me anytime through LinkedIn. I will miss you all.

Onwards and upwards

Editor’s Note: With John’s retirement from his role at the CMA, this is our final CEO note to members. Stay tuned for regular updates on key initiatives and developments in the weeks ahead.

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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