CMA applauds commitment to innovation reflected in today’s budget

Apr 19, 2021

Economic recovery measures emphasize the need to modernize privacy law

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) today applauded a key objective of the federal budget: to invest in Canada’s digital transformation and Canadian innovation, and noted that the success of this measure depends in part from timely privacy law reform.

“Today’s federal budget demonstrates businesses’ critical role in driving economic recovery,” said John Wiltshire, president and CEO, Canadian Marketing Association. “Data fuels the businesses that Canadians rely on to drive our economy forward.” 

In her budget speech, Minister Freeland spoke about the need to build a more resilient and innovative Canada, and to invest in Canada’s digital transformation and Canadian innovation. 

Many aspects of today’s budget point to the critical importance of data-driven solutions to bolster economic recovery. The Canada Digital Adoption Program, the mandate of the planned Data Commissioner, investment in initiatives that connect people and businesses to unleash innovation, and support to smaller businesses to adopt technology are all data-driven approaches to enable Canadian businesses to grow and become more competitive.

“Canadian organizations and consumers need a clear and consistent privacy framework to reflect the increasing importance of data to our economy and the day-to-day lives of individuals,” Wiltshire said. “To achieve this, Bill C-11 should be amended and adopted as soon as possible.” 

The CMA was disappointed earlier today that Parliament did not complete second reading and refer Bill C-11 to a committee for study.  

Whether at work, connecting with friends and family, or accessing critical products and services online, Canadians have never been more reliant on the digital economy.

“It is critical for Parliament to adopt Bill C-11, with key amendments, to create the consistent regulatory framework that Canadian businesses need to secure a competitive economic position in the global digital economy,” Wiltshire noted. 

About the Canadian Marketing Association

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) strengthens marketers’ significant impact on business in Canada. We provide opportunities for our members from coast to coast to develop professionally, to contribute to marketing thought leadership, to build strong networks across all economic sectors, and to shape positions advocated by the CMA to strengthen the regulatory climate for business success. Our Chartered Marketer (CM) designation signifies that recipients are highly qualified and up to date with best practices, as reflected in the Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics and Standards. 

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