CMA urges speedy adoption of privacy law at House of Commons committee meeting in Ottawa

Nov 02, 2023

New law would protect Canadian consumers and enable Canadian businesses to compete in the global marketplace

TORONTO, November 2, 2023 – The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) urged the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry and Technology, at its meeting in Ottawa this week, to adopt the proposed Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) – with targeted amendments – to modernize consumer privacy protections and ensure Canada maintains a competitive economic position in the global digital economy.

“Canadian consumers expect organizations to intuitively deliver the products and services that they need and want. They are demanding faster and better, more relevant information from companies to help them make informed purchase decisions,” said Sara Clodman, vice president of public affairs and thought leadership, CMA. “The proposed law would foster innovation and allow Canadians to enjoy the enormous social and economic benefits of data.”

According to research from Smart Insights, ninety percent of consumers say one of the most important reasons for sharing their data with companies is to receive discounts on products.

“With more than 80% of Canadians concerned about the rising cost of living, according to recent research form Ipsos, the personalization that comes from data usage provides some relief through relevant offers and sales that save them time and money,” Clodman said.

The CPPA would enable small and medium-sized Canadian businesses to compete in the global marketplace, and it would protect consumers through new consumer rights, greater transparency and accountability requirements for organizations, and the strongest financial penalties in the G7.

In order for the CPPA to meets its objectives, the CMA proposes targeted amendments to ensure:

  • A more targeted and effective approach to protecting the personal information of minors.
  • A meaningful consent model that better combats consent fatigue.
  • A framework for de-identified and anonymized data that doesn’t overly restrict its benefits.
  • Adequate time for Canadian organizations to implement the law, including required changes to compliance plans, IT systems, business processes and staff training.

Recognizing that our current law, PIPEDA, was the international gold standard for the protection of personal information for more than a decade, Clodman noted: “The CPPA builds on a strong legacy that Parliament can be proud of,” Clodman said. “The speedy passage of this law can once again ensure that Canada leads the world in protecting privacy and fostering innovation.”

Other organizations that appeared alongside CMA were the Canadian Bankers Association, the Canadian Labour Congress, the Centre for Digital Rights, the Financial Data and Technology Association of North America, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. To watch the hearing or review the transcript, click here.

The bill will undergo further study by the INDU Committee in the coming weeks.

About the Canadian Marketing Association

The CMA is the voice of marketing in Canada and our purpose is to champion marketing’s powerful impact. We are the catalyst to help Canada’s marketers thrive today, while building the marketing mindset and environment of tomorrow.

We provide opportunities for our members from coast to coast to develop professionally, to contribute to marketing thought leadership, to build strong networks, and to strengthen the regulatory climate for business success. Our Chartered Marketer (CM) designation signifies that recipients are highly qualified and up to date with best practices, as reflected in the Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics and Standards. We represent virtually all of Canada's major business sectors, and all marketing disciplines, channels and technologies. Our Consumer Centre helps Canadians better understand their rights and obligations. For more information, visit

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